An affiliate for Disability Days is an individual or entity that partners with Disability Days to promote their premium memberships through various marketing channels. The primary responsibility of a Disability Days affiliate is to generate interest and drive sales for the premium memberships offered by the organization.

Disability Days offers affiliates a recurring revenue with just 1 transaction. 

Earn a 50% commission on the initial transaction for every billing period of the person you sign up.

  • Monthly: member pays £1 you earn £0.50 paid monthly while your sign-up is an active member.
  • Annual Member pays £10 you earn £5 paid annually while your sign-up is an active member.

You have the choice of a personalized discount code so your sign-ups can get their 1st month free or a half-price annual subscription, In return for this discount code you will forgo the initial payment on the monthly membership or earn £2.50 on the annual memberships.

We are actively growing our premium membership to include new discounts for our members.


  1. Promotion: Disability Days affiliates actively promote Disability Days’ premium memberships to their audience and network. This promotion can take place through several means, including word of mouth, social media, and their own website or blog.

  2. Offer Promotion: Affiliates are encouraged to highlight the benefits and offers available to Disability Days’ premium members. This could include features like exclusive discounts, competitions or other perks that make the premium memberships attractive to potential customers.

Overall, a Disability Days affiliate plays a crucial role in expanding the reach of Disability Days and increasing the number of premium memberships sold. Affiliates leverage their marketing skills and channels to spread the word about the benefits of Disability Days’ premium memberships, ultimately helping the organization grow its customer base and revenue. In return, affiliates earn commissions or rewards based on the sales and conversions they generate, making it a mutually beneficial partnership.

As a Premium member of Disability Days, the sign-ups will get access to Attraction news, free giveaways & the following discounts:

  • Up to 47% Off theme parks
  • Up to 26% Off Zoos
  • Up to 57% Off Cinema Tickets
  • Up to 25% off aquariums
  • Up to 10% Off Experience Days
  • Up to 25% off Tourist Attractions
  • Up to 28% off Museums.

Some offers provided to us by our website partners may be found elsewhere and all have their own terms and conditions which can be found on the offer page.

Referral URLs: Disability Days provides affiliates with unique referral URLs that they can use in their promotional materials. These referral URLs help track the traffic and sales generated by each affiliate, ensuring that they receive proper credit and compensation for their marketing efforts.

Marketing Creatives: Disability Days provides a range of marketing creatives to affiliates. These creatives may include banners, graphics, promotional text, and other materials that affiliates can use in their marketing efforts. These materials are designed to make it easier for affiliates to effectively communicate the value of Disability Days’ premium memberships to potential customers.

Affiliate Creativity: In addition to the provided marketing materials, Disability Days allows affiliates to create their own promotional content. This flexibility allows affiliates to tailor their marketing efforts to their specific audience and style, while still ensuring that their efforts are accurately tracked for commission purposes, affiliate content must be relevant to the information that is being marketed and must not include any of the following:

  • Adult content
  • Alcohol
  • Copyrights
  • Gambling and games
  • Healthcare and medicines
  • Political content
  • Financial services

Anybody found to be using any of the above categories will be removed from the affiliate program and any outstanding payments will be withheld from the affiliate.

Affiliates will be paid on the last working day of every month

Affiliates will earn 50% recurring commission on all sign ups for as long as the sign up stays an active paying member.


  • Monthly: Member pays £1 affiliate earns £.50 ( commission recurs monthly
  • Annual: Member pays £10 affiliate earns £5 ( commission recurs annually )

You have the option to forgo your 1st monthly commission payment or make £2.50 on an annual membership in exchange for a discount code that will provide your sign-ups with their first month free.

Although are website is aimed at providing Accessibility information for UK attractions and short breaks we offer discounts on attraction to everyone.

Our target audience includes but not limited to families, individuals looking for deals and discounts on cinema tickets, theme parks, zoos, aquariums etc. These individuals are actively seeking solutions and value the type of content and products we offer. By focusing your efforts on this demographic, you’ll be able to effectively connect with potential customers who are more likely to convert. Understanding and resonating with our target audience will be key to your success in our affiliate program, and we’re here to support you in achieving that.

If you have any questions about our affiliate program or premium membership please email where a member of the team will get in contact with you.

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