Hyperia Accessibility Guide

With the release of Thorpe Park’s accessibility guide for Hyperia, we’ve put together a helpful web page to ensure you have all the information you need about this exhilarating new ride. Whether you’re planning your first visit or a seasoned thrill-seeker, this guide will help you determine if Hyperia is suitable for you.

What Is Hyperia?

Hyperia is Thorpe Park’s latest marvel, boasting some truly record-breaking features. Standing at an impressive 236 feet, Hyperia is the tallest roller coaster in the UK. Prepare to race along the track at a staggering 81 mph, making it the fastest ride in the country. Spanning 995.4 meters, Hyperia is the longest coaster at Thorpe Park. With a loop reaching 168 feet, it’s the tallest in Europe. Experience 14.8 seconds of pure weightlessness, the most recorded in the UK. Hyperia features a unique outer-banked airtime hill. Riders will feel a force of 4.2g, adding to the ride’s intense experience.

Check out this YouTube video from Thorpe Park explaining the accessibility of Hyperia, including how to access the ride via the dedicated accessibility route.

Accessibility Features of Hyperia

Thorpe Park has taken great care to ensure that Hyperia is accessible to as many guests as possible. Here are some key features and accommodations. The video linked above walks you through the accessibility route designed specifically for Hyperia, ensuring easy access for all guests. Hyperia includes a guide for guests with missing limbs, detailing the necessary safety precautions and accommodations. 


What may I Experience On Hyperia?

Hyperia has been designed as a ground-breaking rollercoaster, if any of the following features concern you please speak to a member of staff at Thorpe Park to determine whether Hyperia Is safe for you to ride.

Hyperia Features
  • Lift access to the ride platform
  • Ride Access Pass entry
  • Ride Access & Step-free Entry share a queue line
  • Multi-sensory effects in place to include ( loud sounds, Lighting and smoke )
  • There is a water splash effect on the ride however this is for show purposes only
  • A G-force rating of 4.2G, this is the equivalent to 4 times the gravitational force on your person standing still.
  • The highest part of Hyperia stand at 236 feet with the highest loop reaching 168 feet
  • The top speed of hyperia is 81 MPH
  • You will experience weightlessness for roughly 15 seconds of the ride.
Hyperia Ride Access Pass and How to Apply?

For those who struggle with queieng due to your disability you can access Hyperia via a dedicated ride access pass route, while this will reduce wait times compared the the general access queue during busy periods you may still face wait times.

What Is A Ride Access Pass?

A Ride Access Pass at Thorpe Park is designed to assist guests who have difficulty standing for long periods or who are unable to use the standard queue lines due to a disability or condition. Here’s how you can apply:

Thorpe Parks Ride Access pass will need to be applied for up to 7 + days in advance, you will fill in an application with Thorpe Park’s dedicated partner Nimbus Accessibility and they will then decide on which access pass is best for your needs.

For more detailed information on the Ride Access Pass, visit Thorpe Park’s Ride Access Pass page.

Planning Your Visit

Planning ahead can make your visit to Thorpe Park and Hyperia as smooth as possible. Check out the park’s accessibility guide and familiarize yourself with all the facilities available. Whether you need specific accommodations or just want to know what to expect, Thorpe Park is committed to ensuring a fun and accessible experience for everyone.

We hope this guide helps you prepare for an unforgettable day at Thorpe Park, experiencing the thrill of Hyperia with confidence and ease. Enjoy the ride!

For more information on what facilities are available at Thorpe Park please see our listing – Thorpe Park Accessibility Listing

If you would like to make an overnight stay of your Hyperia experience why not take a look at our accessibility page for the Thorpe Park Shark and Colossus Cabin

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